About Me!

I’m glad you were interested enough by my writing to find out a little more about me. I’m a student and a writer- Other than this blog, I write for my college’s newspaper, and for an online literary magazine called The Fictional Cafe. I love reading and creative writing, and as a result you’ll see a lot of book reviews. Maybe one day you’ll see my debut book on the shelves, and you’ll be able to say you’ve followed me since my college blogging days!

I’ve just come back from a semester in Paris, France, and a large part of my content is centered around my reflections on my experience.


I’m a senior and an English and French double major. Follow along for my musings on books, film, the media, travel and other parts of our culture and myself! My Instagram for this blog can be found here. It includes updates on books I’m reading, my nostalgic study abroad memories, new posts, and the coffee I’m drinking.

Thanks for following along!


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