“We Are Okay” is More Than Just “Okay”

If you are familiar with Nina LaCour’s writing, then you’re used to ending her novels with a lot of feelings. Her most recent book, We Are Okay, stole my breath away. When I say I couldn’t put it down, I’m not exaggerating. LaCour has incorporated family, grief, first love, and sexuality beautifully into a story that is … More “We Are Okay” is More Than Just “Okay”

“Blackhearts,” or, Blackbeard Pre-Pirate

This summer, I’ve had a hunger for stories that were ocean-focused: mermaid re-tellings, pirate stories, romances set in small beach towns. Blackhearts, a debut young adult novel by Nicole Castroman, was a great way to take that curiosity and learn a little bit about the origins of pirate legends. It takes place in 17th century England, … More “Blackhearts,” or, Blackbeard Pre-Pirate